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Hello, there! I’m Ashelen, and I’ve always had a special interest in saving and building wealth, even from childhood. I believe learning about personal finance comes not only from reading and listening to others, but also from personal experiences, which includes allowing ourselves to make mistakes and grow from them. This blog aims to encourage other women to learn to manage their money and reach their financial goals, regardless of their current situation. From saving tips to discovering new ways to make money, you’ll probably find something useful on the site that works for you.
I’ve had my wins and losses when it comes to money, and I still have a lot of financial goals I want to achieve, so in a way, this blog is also helping myself to keep me focused and working towards what I want.
I learned to save when I was a child, when instead of spending my allowance on the first thing I could, I decided to wait until I could afford the doll I really wanted. From the beginning I saved my money with a purpose in mind, and I kept practicing my skills of patience and self-control throughout my whole life, like when I was able to buy my first TV at 10 years old, and when I split costs with my mom for our first desktop computer when I was 15.
Now, as a millennial adult, I continue to save for my dream of being a home owner, but saving alone can only get you so far. I live in a country of continuous inflation and local currency devaluation, and in current times an average salary will never realistically allow me to achieve my objectives. Being bilingual and internet savvy has become crucial for me, for I’ve discovered and experimented with multiple ways to make money online (some worked for me and some didn’t). This is allowing me to get closer to my goals, because there’s really no limit to how much you can earn online. I still have a long way to go, though, and even more to learn.
I really hope my articles can help you, either by letting you learn some financial tips, or empowering you to start taking control of your finances, so you can focus on achieving your own goals. Welcome to my site, and happy reading!

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